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7-9 March, Studio Room (The Brush Factory, 1st Floor)
Talking Bodies - Intensive Contact Improvisation Workshop with Bernd Knappe (Germany). Principles of Contact IMPROVISATION: NOT only for beginners!

In the weekend of 7 to 9 March, the participants will discover and play with the vocabulary in their bodies to create a free dance, whether we are curious beginners or already familiar in contact improvisation. EveryBODY is invited. No beauty forms, no spectacular shows, no gender roles or hierarchic conventions. Everybody is dancing and is able to meet for a 'talk' with an other body. Therefore we need all those abilities that are helpful in a conventional talk as well: Attention, awareness, simplicity, clarity, mutual interest and a minimum of a shared language. We will understand and grasp the main principles of contact improvisation and we will become familiar with our individual abilities. Don't worry: you do not need a trained or even muscular body. Beginners will find an easy first step into this great work, participants of my past workshops will intensify their knowledge and discover various movements on a next level.

The second part is more about improvisation, intuition, choices in dance: What is interesting for me in my motion?, What happens in this moment? Do I follow an inner or external impulse? Can I include the whole space? Bring knee pads if you have those, comfortable clothes (without zip), long-sleeved T-shirts and a water bottle as well. In contact improvisation I am mostly interested in the pleasure of following movement impulses which are created by the unpredictable physical connection with dance partners. I am inspired by the special you-and-me of this dance form: It is an amazing feeling to be aware that we need each other to play around and to create
movement together! It is not about two solos side-by-side. It is communication in a dialogue, it is connection, comparable to a piece for two or more voices. We take images to get a sense for the mental and physical tone that is helpful to sustain trust, become aware of a body alignment to give and receive weight. We will focus on listening and timing, leaning and reaching, push and pull. We will discover ways to act and react, learn to use eyes, arms and legs, spine and center, body weight and body tone, momentum and relaxation in both solos and duets. We start to read our
partner`s body as a landscape for a playful dance.
Full fee: 120 lei / 100 lei for students - paid in advance
Single class fee: 40 lei / paid upon arrival
Registration: Using the form here at Confirmation e-mail with payment details will be received.
Language of the workshop:

Friday, March 7th:
18.30-19.00 Registration
19.00-21.00 Class 1: 'Basics, Principles, Systematics' - Dance Dialogues for
Beginners and Experts
Saturday, March 8th:
11.00-13.30 Class 2: 'Impulses in Dance'
13.30-15.00 LUNCH: sharEating
15.00-17.30 Class 3: "More Varieties in Connection"
18.30-20.00 Focussed JAM: open for Guests and nonDancers - let all your friends know!
from 20.00 open DanceParty with Guests and nonDancers and musicians - music, dance, talk, body work in the studio!
Sunday, March 9th:
10.00-11.30 (optional) DANCE DATES - dance with one partner for one hour
11.30-14.00 Class 4: 'Spices for the Dance'
14.00-15.30 LUNCH: sharEating
15.30-18.00 Class 5: "Playful Physics" - Composition, Improvisation, Inclusion
from 18.30 (optional) Dance TALKS: public discussions and personal views about Contact IMPROVISATION

6 March - 6 April 2014, the Art Museum in Cluj, 10am-5pm
Opening: 6 March 2014, 5pm

The Exhibition 'What is Penelope Doing?'
The Arts and Design University in Cluj, in collaboration with the Art Museum, organizes its third edition of the tapestry, sculpture and arts of the fire triennial, which is an event entitled 'What is Penelope doing?'. This year's edition gathers a number of 25 female artists, be they students or graduates of the Textile design and Sculpture within the aforementioned University. There are also young artists who studied in other academic institutions in Romania. The opening will take place on Thursday, March the 6th, at the temporary halls of the Museum. The hosts of the event are the reputed art critics Livius George Ilea and Mircea Oliv.

6 March 2014, The Shelter, 10pm
Dj Vasile & The Unusual Suspects

One of the veterans, who set the basis of electronic music and is considered to be the first DJ in Romania, known as Dj Vasile, promises an All-night visual show in The Shelter. Live sounds and visuals, samplers, vinyl, world music are the ingredients for positive vibes, at the side of The Unusual Suspects. The DJ Snow and Mc Agent, who open the night at the club, will feature at the Shelter a new unique set, of reggae to funk and breakbeat with special effects.

6 March 2014, Studio Room (The Brush Factory, 1st Floor), 7pm
Parallel, a show of the GroundFloor Group and ColectivA

The 'Parallel', a show signed by Ferenc Sinko and Leta Popescu, is based on the experiences of main characters Lucia Marneanu and kata bodoki-halmen. Created following the proposals of the two artists and with the texts written by the whole team, the show displays a direct approach of themes such as body, sexual identity, repress, inhibition, acceptance. The bodies in movement and the original music by kata bodoki-halmen and danaga are the ingredients of a dynamic and powerful show. Recommended for adults over 16 years of age. Held in English, with Romanian subtitling. Tickets: 15 / 8 lei (with discounts).


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Romana The Exhibition 'What is Penelope Doing?' Dj Vasile & The Unusual Suspects